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Mission Statement

The Harrison Youth Council is a New York not-for-profit corporation dedicated to reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other harmful substances by youth in our community.  Through our effort and commitment to equipping youth with social skills necessary to cope with interpersonal and intrapersonal pressures and challenges, the Harrison Youth Council seeks to establish a stable and stronger community.  To achieve its mission, the Harrison Youth Council provides research-based educational prevention programs, parent support groups, presentations, and provides professional support through individual, family and group counseling, as well as consultation and referral for families within the Harrison community.  We collaborate with the school district’s professional staff, police officers and other community partners to achieve our mission.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to champion healthy life choices for all Harrison youth through programs, community support and employment services in order to avoid involvement with illicit substances and other risky behaviors.



Harrison Youth Council, Inc. receives funding from New York State, the Town of Harrison, the Harrison Central School District and private donations.


We are licensed by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) and we share OASAS’ goals:

  • To reduce the prevalence of substance abuse and problem gambling in the NYS population.

  • To delay the initiation of substance abuse and gambling behaviors among youth as long as possible.

  • To decrease the negative health, social and economic consequences and costs associated with substance abuse and problem gambling.

  • To prevent the escalation of substance use and gambling behaviors to levels requiring treatment through early identification, brief intervention and referral.

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